Some stuff about us, and a brief rant

J Squared is the love child of composer/programmer Jack Sharman, and opera diva/entrepreneur, Jennifer Robinson. Their work is infused with adventure, curiosity, and fun, whether composing music or crafting software.

We're deeply concerned about continued cuts to music and arts education across the country. While economic indicators show a US Economy gaining steam, and school budgets are returning to pre 2007 levels, funding has not been restored for music education programs at the same rate. In fact, many districts have experienced further cuts or have seen programs dropped entirely.

J Squared is meeting this challenge head-on by launching Interval Runner, an ear training app designed to help people master musical intervals. We plan to launch additional music apps over the next year.

Cuts to music education should be cause for grave concern among the tech community when study after study links early exposure to the arts, especially music, to success in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Many of the most successful leaders in Silicon Valley are practicing musicians. Without music education, students lose the ability to develop an intuitive understanding of mathematical relationships, while combining those skills with creative expression. Those are exactly the traits we need to cultivate in order to raise up the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

J Squared is working to make sure that students of any age will have access to those fundamental musical building blocks, whether or not their schools offer music.

One app is a small step, but we have big plans. Stay tuned.